Using Twilio To Send SMS Texts via Python, Flask, and Ngrok

Python is great for many things. One thing, in particular, is hacking together code to develop and deploy simple web apps for particular functions or utilities you may need in your business. In this tutorial, I’ll be going over several how to integrate Twilio’s Programmable SMS systems using their Communications REST API, Python’s Flask micro-framework, […]

Configuring Ubuntu 18.04 for a Python Dev Environment with Flask, Gunicron, and VirtualEnv

Flask is a great Python framework for getting ideas up and running quickly on a lightweight app environment. In this tutorial, we are going to get Python 3.6 configured with development system packages to start a new Flask web application project and run it with Green Unicorn (Gunicorn). But first, what is Green Unicorn? Green Unicorn […]

Getting Started with LEMP: Installing Nginx, MySQL, PHP on Ubuntu 18.04 (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the final installment of this 3 part guide! In the previous section, we went over how to configure server blocks, move our test pages into the proper directories, creating symbolic links, and editing our host file. In part 3, we will be installing MySQL and PHP, configuring security settings, and ensuring Nginx can […]

Getting Started with LEMP: Installing Nginx, MySQL, PHP on Ubuntu 18.04 (Part 2 of 3)

In the first part of this LEMP installation guide, we went over updating and installing your Linux packages, installing and testing Nginx, configuring network ports, and creating test pages. In part 2, we are going to configure our server blocks, move our test pages, make sure they can be served, and edit our host file. […]

How To Change The Default Location For Your Mac OS X Screenshots

Do you have a cluttered Mac desktop filled up with screenshots you’ve taken? Annoyed at how they litter your wallpaper with their meaningless names? You are not alone! Use this tip to declutter your Desktop of screenshots. Very useful to stay organized. This involves Terminal commands so if you don’t feel comfortable with the scary […]